The competitive edge that separates good athletic programs from great ones is having an effective recruiting strategy!

We understand that there is NO off-season when it comes to recruiting talent, and we hope that you will utilize our unique service that we are currently offering FREE to all NCAA & NAIA affiliated coaches to help directly connect you with the qualified athletes you NEED!

Our MVP recruiting program for student athletes is a nationwide recruiting program that is highly specific and limited to student athletes who have both the athletic and academic talent to succeed at the college level.  We prequalify and determine a realistic level of play that a student athlete has the potential to be the most successful at in college based on their skill set, and relevant physical stats so that the athlete and their family understand which schools he/she will have the highest chance of success at both academically and athletically.  We also maintain constant communication with the student athlete to ensure that they are making the athletic and academic progress year round that they need to make so that coaches can have the assurance that the athlete is on track for college readiness and competition.

  It is a proven fact that having position specific “descriptions” are your best filter & guide to keep your program’s recruiting on track.

We are committed to helping coaches at every level of play get connected with the athletes they need by filling out our quick “recruiting needs form” below.  The form allows coaches to submit roster needs and position specific descriptions of the athletes they are looking for, and once submitted we will personally inbox the coach directly with detailed profiles & film of athletes that meet the coach’s requirements.  

(It is also important to note that we will only send a max of 10 prospects per position to the coach in order to avoid “prospect info overload,” and we will gladly submit more qualified prospects when needed at the coach’s request.)